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 Eco-friendly technologies for   rice cultivation

A market niche for organic rice has a potential to yield premium prices for farmers, but it’s more involved than simply planting the seed and forgetting it until harvest time

Being organically produced these rice are free from artificial colours, flavours and chemicals. High in fibre content, this red rice lacks hull, and effectively reduces glucose and cholesterol with low glycemic and high fibre content. The rice also acts as a natural colouring agent and spreads out its colour into the dish giving it a lovely pinkish-red shade. Also, the rice has a slightly nutty flavour and does not become sticky on cooking. These Champagne of India contains a unique aroma that makes you more hungry with every sniff. Completely parabens free, the process organic rice go through help them in restoring and beholding the essential nutrients and starch of the rice there by, giving it a distinct aroma, slender grain and fluffy texture when cooked. The fragrant rice intermingling with piquant notes of spices instantly whets the appetite

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